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book love

From the website:

“Looking for a new literary love connection? Bookmatch is a fun, fast-paced reading series that unites passionate readers with books from local authors. Bookmatch showcases six Minnesotan authors in one hour. Authors will reveal dark secrets, readers will be torn by choices and free books will be given at the altar. Come toss your heart in the ring! Meet six new books and discover new worlds. You might just find a new true love between the pages.

“Hosted by Heather McElhatton, bestselling author and host of MPR’s A Beautiful World, Bookmatch showcases authors from a variety of genres and backgrounds. It’s the literary equivalent of speed dating. It’s Love Connection meets CNN Book World.”

Sounds great! Here’s why you should attend:


1. It’s unique. To my knowledge, this is a new concept for the Minneapolis/St. Paul literary scene. Guests submit a short survey and may go home with a book seemingly tailored just for them.

2. Freebies! The event is free, but you’re asked to pre-register for one reason only: Free snacks! The organizers have to know how many sweets to provide. If you didn’t get enough sugar at Halloween, rest assured, here’s your chance. Pre-register here.

3. In about an hour, you’ll get a small sampling of many different authors and their books. You may find something up your alley that you hadn’t considered. Authors presenting at Bookmatch are William Alexander, Ray Gonzalez, Geoff Herbach, Neal Karlen,  Julie Schumacher, and yours truly.

4. A night on the town with like-minded folks. I’ve been to many literary events, and the best part is talking to other readers. What a perfect excuse to meet new people who share your interests. Not only may you go home with a book match, but if you’re single, perhaps you can find another type of match?!