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Photo Credit: Schnittke via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Schnittke via Compfight cc

Consider this Writing Round-up Monday: A collection of previous posts that address different aspects of the writing life.


1) Why writers need literary heroes. We all need someone to look up to and inspire us, especially when the writing just is not flowing. Read on to find out who my literary hero is and what happened when I met her two different times, about 12 years apart.

2) We can’t write ALL the time. Especially in the summer. Especially on July mornings, say 7-10 a.m. Central Time. For that is when the best cycling race in the world is going on, the Tour de France. Here’s why writers SHOULD be watching.

3) Sometimes when we’re not writing, we’re running. Running seems to be part of life for many writers whom I know. I think I know why.

4) And we also like to inspire the younger generation. At least I do. I try to convince high schoolers and college students to give writing serious consideration. I just read a  story today about the sharp decline in numbers of English majors. (Sad face).