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You know you’re busy when it’s hard to find the time to bang out 300-400 words for a blog post! I will have some information about 2017 writing classes that I’ll be posting (hopefully) in the next couple of weeks, including one in July in Grand Marais.

But until then, here are some social media posts of mine that relate to reading/writing:

  1. I enjoyed this article about Depression-era food and what it meant to the women preparing meals for their families.

2. I’m loving Autobiography by Johnny Marr. Some people are just born to make music. It’s clear Marr is one of those people.

3. I did a reading night at Washington Elementary in Mankato. It’s always fun to read to kids! I generally will read from one of my Capstone Press “You Choose” books and have the kids help me choose what path to take. Unfortunately, they usually end up “dying”! But then we try it again 🙂