I saw this video on Facebook a few days ago. For all of us who need a little boost, who need to get those critical voices out of our head, it’s perfect.

* * *

After a whirlwind semester, I’m finally getting back to the business of writing.

I have realized I write slowly. I’ve always known this on some level, but it’s becoming more apparent.

My typical process goes something like this:

  • Write a paragraph.
  • Take a break to think about what to write next.
  • Write the next paragraph.
  • When I have 3-4 paragraphs, I feel like that’s enough to constitute a little section. I type out some asterisks to indicate a space break.
  • Take a longer break — get some coffee, throw a load of laundry in, take the dogs out — and then come back to the writing. Maybe. Or maybe this is a morning where just a little section gets written. Off to do something else.

I’m thinking this process is going to have to radically change if I’m to have any hope of actually completing a project.

What’s your writing style? Do you have any tips for writing quickly?