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How does one come up with ideas for what to write about?

I’m in an odd place right now. Since 1999, I’ve always had a book project on the table. That was the year I came across Camilla, and the book was published last December (do the math—that’s a long time to be working on a book!). In that span, I wrote a published a memoir (started that in 2000 and it was published in 2013).

Now what? I ask myself. What are you working on next? is a question I often get at book events. I don’t know.

I have enjoyed the process of writing books. I love nothing more than digging deep into research and uncovering information no one else knows. I love writing something down then spending time contemplating and ruminating on what it all means. 

Do I need to write another book? I don’t need to, but I want to! It’s a personal challenge. Can I take information scattered in front of me and make something cohesive out of it? 

I’m not an idea person. I don’t have a lot of imagination. This is why I don’t write fiction. I can’t comprehend making something up out of thin air. 

So I’m struggling a bit thinking about what I could write about next. I know what I’m passionate about:

  • History
  • Stories about captivating people (especially women) that have not yet been uncovered
  • People who have experienced extraordinary circumstances

I have started doing something new this year. I’ve been manifesting ideas (I’ve used this book to help). I’m a big believer in signs and putting out what you want into the world. I have asked for guidance regarding writing ideas.

I’m here to tell you that I have a file on my Notes app that is growing and growing! I’ve jotted a lot of ideas down. I don’t know where they will go or if they will become anything, but it feels good to know I can think of ideas when I give myself the time.