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Culver’s has the best salads.

7-ish: Yoga/meditation/prayer/manifesting. 

8-10: Breakfast, work, put away dishes, start laundry. 

10-11: Get ready. Shower, hair, makeup, pack lunch and evening snacks.

11-12: Commute to Shakopee. Listen to Lolita podcast. Eat small lunch in car.

12:30-3: Teach.

3:15-3:35: Time for a short walk! 

3:35-4:25: Get a tea. Drive to Culver’s. Eat early dinner. Check email.

4:25: Hit the road to Winthrop. Drink my tea. Listen to Carrie.

5:30-6: Arrive at the Winthrop library, set up books, talk with people who showed up early.

The unexpected joys of doing a library event — sometimes there are cookies!

6-7: Read from the book and answer questions.

7-7:15. Sell 5 books and sign them.

7:15-8:15: Drive home. Continue to listen to Carrie.

8:15-8:25: Eat some leftovers (frozen Red Baron pizza) and make tea.

8:35: Sit on couch! Drink the tea.

8:35-9:00: Phone call from a friend with exciting news!

9-11: Finish Season 3 of The Crown.

11: Bed!